Kanye West Dazzles On Jools Holland But Frazzles Staff

Kanye WestKanye West Dazzles On Jools Holland But Frazzles Staff

“God I love Kanye so much. Later with Jools is incredible tonight!”

Those words were lifted from Adele’s Twitter account.  She commented on Kanye West’s recent performance on the British show “Later… With Jools Holland.”

If Adele had known Kanye’s pre-performance antics she might have alter her Tweet.

It’s being reported that Kanye West was a bona fide prima donna leading up to his live recital on the popular British program.

West demanded that the set be rebuilt to his specifications, insisted everything in his dressing room be white, and he and his crew used half of the available 15 dressing rooms.

Of course, all that pales in comparison to his demand that the carpet in his dressing room be ironed.

Can you even iron carpet?

The 36-year-old rapper said the carpet was too bumpy.  And you thought your job was tough.

Now, many stars make odd requests like the one Kanye reportedly made.  Celebrity insiders say they make those crazy requests to see if their list of demands were actually read.  I think that’s a load of crap.  Celebrities aren’t that smart.

They make crazy requests because they’re spoiled and pampered.

In West’s defense, witnesses said he was fine “once he got to the performance.”  One of Jools’ crew members commented that Kanye West was “very quiet and unassuming” leading up to his set.

There is where I will give West a break.  The rapper’s product is himself.  It’s understandable that he would be protective and vigilant of his image.  So I’ll let his tantrums about the set slide (to a point).  He gets no pass however for wanting his carpet ironed.  That’s just ridiculous.

You can’t deny that West is a musical genius but it’s getting to the point where he’s also “musical sausage.”

Sausage is a delicious meal but you don’t want to know how it’s made.  Kanye West’s music is awesome but you don’t want to know how he made it… or anything else the man does (award show outbursts, calling U.S. presidents racists, posing as Jesus on magazine covers).

On Oct. 19, Kanye West tickets will be collected in Seattle, Washington.  It’s the opening date of West’s 1st solo tour in half a decade.

The high maintenance rapper is bringing along Kendrick Lamar to warm up audiences.

There are 23 cities on West’s route.  That’s a lot of carpet ironing.  This could become a cottage industry.


Rihanna Is Three Hours Late To Concert: How To Prevent Artists From Being Tardy

RihannaRihanna Is Three Hours Late To Concert: How To Prevent Artists From Being Tardy

The city of Boston has been through a lot lately. In the realm of things this is fairly trivial, but it’s still a “wicked pissa.”

Monday night (May 6), Rihanna was three hours late to her show in Bean Town. When she finally appeared on stage she offered no apology—not for being late nor for actually showing up.

No offense to anyone, but Rihanna isn’t good enough to warrant a three-hour wait. McCartney and the Stones are, maybe U2 if you have VIP tickets, but not Rihanna.

To make matters worse, her opening act, A$AP Rocky, canceled. So there was no opening act just hours and hours of silence.

Thankfully, when Rihanna did finally take to the stage, the crowd booed her. You don’t mess with Boston concerts.

Why was she late? Some speculate it had to do with her boyfriend Chris Brown. Others think she was watching the Bulls game—which makes sense since they defeated the Miami Heat that night.

This is becoming a trend for Hanna-Mana. In March, she was four hours late to a charity event. She told the children waiting for her that she was caught in Chicago traffic.

If you’re delayed by traffic then call the venue and tell them you’re running late. There are these things out now called “cell phones.” They allow you to make a phone call from just about anywhere.

If traffic is the culprit then say so. Chances are good that those waiting for you will understand your delay. After all, they live in the city and frequently experience heavy congestion. They’ll wonder how they made it to the venue on time and you didn’t, but still, they might understand.

Now that we’re blasting Rihanna for being late let’s talk about solutions. After all, there’s an easy way to fix this.

If the artist doesn’t take to the stage in a certain amount of time (say 30 minutes plus an hour for each warm-up act) then all holders of concert tickets are entitled to a full refund including service charge.

Since Ticketmaster won’t be returning the service charge, it will be up to the artist/promoter to make good. Promoters are business people; they will make damn sure the artist is on time. They don’t want to be on the hook for a hefty refund.

If they can pass laws about paperless tickets then they can pass laws about artists performing on time. Of course, the law will be applicable to other forms of entertainment but not sports.

Unlike the popular music world, sports league and sports promotions want their fans to be happy and will naturally do right by them. Music artists, since there’s only one of them, and they perform in a particular city with far less frequency, have no incentive to be fan-friendly.

The proposed law would change all that.


Kid Rock: 20 Reasons To See Him In Concert

Kid Rock

Kid Rock: 20 Reasons To See Him In Concert

Kid Rock is not everyone’s favorite iTunes fodder.

If you were to guess the size of his fan base, especially after reading all the derogatory comments about him on the internet, you’d probably come up with a very small number—at least a number similar to the population of America’s trailer parks.

Yet, the Detroit-native is quite successful, both at the cash register and at the box office.  You can’t sell as many albums, or as many concert tickets as Kid Rock does, without having a few million fans.

Therefore, it’s safe to call Kid Rock the “WWE of the Rock and Roll.”  You know, everyone loves professional wrestling but few people ever admit they watch it.

This summer Kid Rock is launching a tour of North America and you need to attend.

Obviously, I’m preaching to the choir when it comes to his hardcore fans.  Then again, I’m not speaking to them.  I’m speaking to those who flat-out don’t like the “American Bad Ass” or flat-out won’t admit to liking him.

You need to get yourself Kid Rock tickets because they’re only $20.  Yes, that’s right, $20.  And if you buy them at Walmart—please, stop snickering—they will only be $20.  No surcharge.

In addition to the $20 event tickets, fans will get free parking (at the venue), $20 concession packages, $20 tour t-shirts, and best of all, $4 12-ounce cups of beer.

Rock, who recently admitted to selling his own concert tickets on the secondary market, is trying to give his fans a rock concert at a fair-price.  He’s appalled at the ticket prices some artists are charging.  For example, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z are charging $275 for non-VIP tickets.

Go ahead and charge Kid Rock with trying to fill arenas—it’s not like he’s at the peak of his popularity.  But something tells me he’s sincere.  Sure, he wants to perform in front of sell-out crowds but I honestly believe his main inspiration is the desire to give his fans a value.

Either way, you want Rock’s “$20 Best Night Ever Tour” to be a success (unless you like paying exorbitant amounts of money for concert tickets).  If Kid Rock’s business model works we might see more of it in the future.  If it’s a failure then we’re stuck with $275 concert tickets.

So I’m asking you, give Kid Rock a chance and go see him in concert.  It might save you a lot of money in the long run.

Kid Rock’s tour begins June 28 in Bristow, Virginia and ends Sept. 15 in Tampa, Florida.  Joining him at various tour stops will be ZZ Top, Kool and the Gang, and Uncle Kracker.


Tim McGraw: Five Positive and Five Negative Aspects Of His 2013 ‘Two Lanes of Freedom Tour’

Tim McGraw ticketsTim McGraw: Five Positive and Five Negative Aspects Of His 2013 ‘Two Lanes of Freedom Tour’

Tim McGraw launches his “Two Lands of Freedom Tour” on May 2 in Birmingham, Alabama. It ends July 27 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Any time McGraw hits the road it’s a cause for celebration.

Nonetheless, his pending tour is far from perfect. Below, This-Is-Music looks at five positive and five negative aspects of Tim McGraw’s upcoming tour of North America.

Five Positive Aspects of Tim McGraw’s 2013 Tour
Tim McGraw Is Teaming With Tumblr
Tim McGraw is teaming with Tumblr in a very interesting promotion. Before tickets go on sale in a particular market, McGraw will call a fan from that market to let them know ducats are about to go on the market. The fan can then use Tumblr to tell friends, family, and other McGraw fans in the area the good news.

McGraw and Chesney Have Similar Routes
Last year, McGraw teamed with Kenny Chesney for the “Brothers of the Sun Tour.” In 2013, they are both touring solo but are visiting many of the same markets. So if you live in places like Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Mountain View, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Toronto, Saint Louis, Salt Lake City, and South Florida you can, for the second year in a row, see both Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney live.

New McGraw Album
Most artists launch a tour to support an album. McGraw is no exception. His newest opus, Two Lanes of Freedom, drops Feb 5. McGraw is really excited about his new work. He thinks it could be a turning point in his career, at least artistically. Two singles have already been released from his forthcoming record: “Truck Yeah” and “One of Those Nights.”

Brantley Gilbert & Love and Theft
McGraw’s opening acts will be Brantley Gilbert and Love and Theft. That’s a great night of music. Gilbert is blowing up and showing up everywhere while Love and Theft are still celebrating their first number one single (it went to the top spot back in August). Both McGraw and Gilbert are performing at RodeoHouston in March.

25-day Gap
McGraw performs in Holmdel, New Jersey on June 30. Then his next scheduled gig isn’t until July 25 in Toronto. That’s more than a three-week block where he can add more shows. That’s good news for markets not currently on his schedule.

Five Negative Aspects of Tim McGraw’s 2013 Tour
Tim McGraw Is Teaming With Tumblr
The fact that McGraw’s partnership with Tumblr is both a good and a bad part of his upcoming tour pretty much sums up social media. While aspects of the promotion are interesting, if you really look at it it’s nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt. We doubt McGraw will actually call anyone. It will probably be a computer program and with a pre-recorded message. Furthermore, who still uses Tumblr?

No Soul II Soul Tour
With McGraw touring on his own that means zero chance of another Soul II Soul Tour with wife Faith Evans. Apparently, the couple doesn’t want to be on the road, together, for the amount of time it takes to launch a successful trek.

No Pacific Northwest
McGraw is scheduled to make three stops in California but nothing in the Pacific Northwest. You’d think he’d at least visit the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington. Now, there is a five day gap between his Washington D.C. show on June 1 and his San Diego show on June 7, but we expect he’ll use that time to travel and recuperate as he ends May with seven shows in ten days.

Tour Keeps McGraw From Acting
McGraw will be performing in Las Vegas between now and just prior to the start of his “Two Lanes of Freedom Tour.” Then he’s one the road through late July. Those months he’s out on the road touring are months he can’t spend acting. We can’t wait for his next movie role!

Subpar Venues
McGraw is set to perform at some fairly crappy places. Of his 30 tour stops, 16 are at amphitheaters or pavilions. Those are never great concert venues. He does have Blossom Music Center and Bethel Woods on the sched, but those are countered by the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood, and Jiffy LubeLive.


Senator Dick Durbin References ‘The Killers’ During Tribute To Harry Reid

The Killers TicketsSenator Dick Durbin References ‘The Killers’ During Tribute To Harry Reid

I’ve always believed “old” is a relative state and not a predetermined number of years. For example, most Beatles songs sound like they were recorded yesterday while Josh Groban has sung like a fifty-year old man since day one.

Therefore you can be a teenager and be “old” or you can be an octogenarian and be “young.”

Of course, it’s a lot easier to be “old” than it is to be “young.” That’s why old people shop at Sears and eat a lot of soup.

If you want to be “old,” or at least sound like you’re “old”, especially when it comes to music, there are a few things you can say.

First and foremost, add an unnecessary “the” to nouns. For example, you’d say “the iTunes,” “the Pandora,” “The Lady Gaga.”

Secondly, make references that are decades past being current.

“All the girls love him. He’s a regular Shaun Cassidy.”

“The Adele sings as well as Dusty Springfield.”

“It’s a good album but it’s no Rumours.”

The other thing one can do to sound old is mispronounced names.

Justin Bye-ber.”



If those tactics fail you can always try sounding hip. That’s what Dick Durbin recently did on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

On Jan. 2, the Illinois senator was paying tribute to Nevada senator Harry Reid when he cited lyrics by the Las Vegas-based band The Killers. Only they weren’t Killers lyrics they were lines from the Nevada state song…

“Deep in the heart of the golden west, home means Nevada to me.”

Or maybe he quoted The Killers and then recited the state song? It’s unclear as the story is based entirely on Tweets.

What is for certain is Durbin referenced The Killers. Then he called them a “young rock group.”

Durbin couldn’t have sounded more out-of-touch if he had shouted “let’s fire up the Victrola!” or “turn on the Sonny & Cher Show.”

Who uses the term “young rock group?” It’s “new rock group” or “this rock group is really young.” It’s never “young rock group.”

By the way, The Killers are neither young nor new. Their youngest member is 31 and they released their first album in 2004.
It must horrify these politicians that a band with the name “The Killers” is so politically prominent—the quartet has also performed at a Reid Rally.

I’m sure the senators would rather not be associated with a band that has such a violent name. Publically acknowledging “The Killers” makes for a pretty bad sound bite. The only names that would be worse are “Religious Worshippers Eat Babies Experience” and “The White People Are Superior Band.”

As for The Killers, they’ll resume their world trek on Jan. 16 in Sydney, Australia. They’ll be overseas collecting The Killers tickets through mid-April.

Due to a bad case of laryngitis suffered by their lead singer Brandon Flowers, the band cancelled concerts in Camden, New York City, and Toronto back in mid-December of 2012. Those dates have been rescheduled.

The Killers will be in New York City for a concert at Madison Square Garden on May 14.

Toronto welcomes The Killers to the Air Canada Centre on May 15.

Then on May 19, The Killers roll into Camden for a show at the Susquehanna Bank Center.